On this day in 2006 i first bought Serato. Like everyone else i was skeptical at first but after seeing Roc Raida & Mix Master Mike i knew i needed to get into it. Crazy how much of a game changer for Djing it has been.

Heres a photo re-cap of last weekends Ruckus in the Rockies in Lake Louise!/news%3Aruckus-in-the-rockies-2014-photo-journal

Denver tonight at Electronic Tuesdays

We had the pleasure of interviewing Mat The Alien & The Librarian at INEO Studios back on Dec 28th, 2013.

Mat The Alien has been an accomplished DJ for over 20 years and has toured the globe mixing, skratching, making mixes and beats that span many genres and styles but always having one thing in common – heavy beats and bass lines which appeals to a wide variety of crowds. From Miami to Moscow at Sports events such as the US Super cross, Olympic Games (Torino & Whistler), X Games and many of Canada’s largest festivals of up to 15,000 people.

Mat The Alien also pioneers club nights in Whistler and Vancouver and held down a bi-weekly club night in Las Vegas at Eye Candy (Mandalay Bay).

The Librarian aka Andrea Graham produces a unique blend of bass music that defies categorization. Her sound is rooted in low end frequencies and soulful melodies.  The Librarian is also a co-founder and musical director for the Bass Coast Project, a 4-day electronic music and art festival that is now in it’s third year.

Topics discussed: Accomplishments in 2013/the history between the two/what makes them unique/communicating with aliens/why does Mat call himself an ‘Alien’?/

origins of ‘Really Good’/Basscoast music festival/the addition of visuals in live performances/the Whistler music scene/current inspirations and much more..

Video shot and edited by Matt Pidutti. Interview hosted by John Zee at Spliff Breaks.